Trees in Construction

Location: Kowloon Tsai Park, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong

Topic: Tree Survey

Year of Study: 4

The purpose of this exercise is to assess the existing quality of tree resources in terms of their size, height, location and also their overall value: health, amenity, structure, survival rate after transplanting; etc. – to help assist in the potential impact of the proposed development done in the next exercise (scroll down below). My group did a location (Group 15) as a part of the whole class.

For full individual tree survey report, including methodologies and tree photos, click here  to view or download

With the data and information available, it will inform the proposed demolition and construction works on which trees are worth protecting, to be removed and in some cases, to transplant. Our instructor designated an area on which to construct a 450sqm building footprint of two storeys while minimizing impact to valuable trees and propose measures on how to protect them.

In this module we also learned what are the different kinds of government submissions for tree works, the processes, the departments involved and how to do them.

For full Planning and Design to Minimise Impacts on Trees report, click here to view or download


Matheny N. & Clark J. (1998) Trees and Development: A Technical Guide to Preservation of Trees During Land Development. International Society of Aboriculture. Illinois


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